Spiror FW 1300

Fully automatic rotating ring machine for packaging roofing panels, furniture, flatpacks, cabinets, doors, windows and other long and bulky, unpalletised products.
Maximum rotation speed 85 rpm.

Technical specifications

SPIROR A B C D Kg. lbs. Max. rotation speed
mm inch. mm inch. mm inch. mm inch. rpm
FW 1300 2.795 110″ 2.550 100″ 2.635 104″ 950±50 38″±2″ 1.500 3.400 85 rpm



Dimensions of the products to wrap:


PORTA-BOBINA-6 Power roller stretch film delivery system(PATENTED OPTIONAL).
CINGHIA-2 Self centering ring assembly to automatically adjust the ring to the optimum wrapping height(OPTIONAL).
Rotating ring driven by belt / friction wheel ensuring low noise level at the highest rotation speed.
METTISTOCCHI-A-2 Automatic system for inserting wooden or polystyrene foam skids under the bundle (OPTIONAL).
Copertura-Testa-Coda-2 Head and tail wrapping unit (OPTIONAL).
Mettistocchi-2 Head and tail sheeting system for total bundle protection by polyethylene or bubble film (OPTIONAL).
GUIDE-2 Bridge system for wrapping short products with automatic width adjustment (OPTIONAL).
PINZA-2 Welding unit for film tail brush down(OPTIONAL).
Pneumatically operated clamp and cutting unit.

Stretch-film usable

  • Outer spool diameter
max 250 mm. (10″)
  • Spool core diameter
76 mm. (3″)
  • Spool width
250 / 500 mm. (10″ / 20″)
  • Film width
17 / 35 µm