Helix 1

Automatic entry level rotating arm stretch wrapping machine that takes advantage of the know-how acquired over 25 years of leadership in stretch wrapping.
The new machine offers continuity solutions with the wrappers of previous generations, and adds innovative solutions to best meet the needs of the customers.
The standard pre-stretch carriage model PGSM, with the adoption of optional kits, allows fixed ratio up to 300%, while the optional double motor pre-stretch carriage model PGSA allows adjustable force to load and prestretch up to 350% from control panel.
Both the carriages can be equipped with 750 mm (30”) film reel height.


Oscillating movement clamp to remove the film tail at cycle beginning.The movement of the clamp makes easier the film release.
Hot wire film cut and hot plates sealing device.
OPTIONALis available the spring clamp with sealing on counter bar to avoid contact between the sealer and the product and nipper clamp for
conveyors h. 85 mm.
Available inOPTIONthe motorized system to reduce the film bandwidth to ensure a higher load stability, this device also allows, thanks to the pallet lifter, to wrap the wooden pallet..
Top-Helix-1 TOP INSIDE
OPTIONALsystem to cover the upper face of the load, integrated in the machine structure. This device allows to perform the dustproof and waterproof cycle for an improved load integrity.

Technical specifications