Helix 4/2

Fully automatic pallet stretch wrapping machine with twin rotating arms for stretch wrapping palletized loads with polyethylene stretch film where very high production outputs are required or loads which require an above average amount of film to contain them effectively.
Thanks to the twin rotating arm technology, the stretch wrapping process is performed on a static pallet thus eliminating any risk of product falling from the load during the wrapping process regardless the arm rotation speed.
Every pallet stretch wrapper from Robopac Sistemi can be fitted with a power pre stretch film delivery system which reduces film usage by up to 50% compared with hand wrapping and substantially increases load stability and presentation. Pre stretch ratio adjustable by changing gears or from the control panel.
Helix machines represent the ideal solution for wrapping light, easily deformable, unstable loads and are present in most market segment fields.
Due to the versatile construction of the rotary arm design the Helix range of stretch wrapping machines can be configured to wrap an outstanding range of products both larger and smaller than the standard pallet format.

Helix-4/2 is ideal for an output capacity up to 170 loads/h depending on line speed, and the total number of revolutions of film required.

Technical specifications




  • STD Min pallet dimensions
600 x 800 mm.
  • STD Max pallet dimensions
800 x 1200 mm.
  • STD pallet height
2000 mm.

Possibility of stretch wrapping half and quarter pallet.


Gruppo-rotazione-Helix40_2 ROTATION UNIT
Direct, geared drive to the arm rotation unit ensures maximum duty cycle and minimum backlash.. Robust, tubular steel framework results in maximum operating reliability during heaviest work conditions.Inverter control of the rotation arm produces smooth acceleration and deceleration safeguarding the integrity of the transmission train.
Sollevamento-carrello-HS40_2 CARRIAGE LIFTING
Double chain system for maximum safety in any work condition.Up/down carriage speed controlled by inverter and continuously adjustable from control panel with possibility of changing the film overlap either on the upward or downward cycle.
Pinza-e-taglio-HS40_2 CLAMP AND CUT
Scissor clamp with hot wire film cut (shown); optional press on welding unit available.OPTION – Spring/ring clamp (ROBOPAC patent) with pulse hot wire film cut and film tail welding device.(No contact with load).
Positive pneumatically driven clamping device used with top cover systems (Top Inside/Outside) or for especially unstable/tall loads.Also available with pantograph system (shown) for pallets with large height variation or installations with low ceiling height.
Top sheet load covering device.TOP OUTSIDE ONLY FOR TWIN ARM MACHINE – the top sheet is applied outside the machine before wrapping giving a dustproof wrap. Capacity of the machine is unaltered.
Device that reduces the film strip into a “rope” to ensure more efficient load stabilisation by making the load and pallet a single homogenous unit.Film is gathered from above or below in the single movement version while it is grouped at the centre in the dual cylinder version.