Robot S6

The new ROBOT-S6, wrapping machines,positions Robopac as the best partner for all manufacturers who require maximum warehouse logistics and management.ROBOT-S6demonstrates its leadership due to the new technical innovation for simplifying its use. ROBOT-S6 is designed and produced according to the policies that distinguish Robopac in terms of reliability and durability. Every single detail was designed selecting the best materials on the market.No detail was left behind and the hi-tech solutions and craftsmanship can be seen in each inch of the machine.


ruotino-1 IDLE WHEEL
The idle wheel, placed near the rear driven wheel, allows the machine to be manually moved even without batteries.
The machine can be equipped with a film cutting device that increase the work efficiency in terms of time and makes the operatorÂ’s work easier.
The new fast and safe adjustment solution that does not require tools allows the probe wheel to even be positioned on the upper end of the sliding tube.
CaricaBatteria-1 BATTERY CHARGER
The new high frequency battery charger controlled by a microprocessor can be powered with wide range single phase voltage from 85VAC to 264VAC 50/60Hz and is thus universal.Protection against overheating, relay protection for polarity inversion, short circuit protection and over-current protection are just some of the new high frequency battery charger standard features in ROBOT-S6.
pannello-RobotS6_2 NEW CONTROL PANEL
The control panel has been newly designed, adopting it to a TOUCH SCREEN. Thanks to the large color screen this new panel allows you to create programs simply and immediately. It is supplied with more memory to record up to eight different programs.

Technical specifications

ROBOT-S6 -Self-propelled robot for packaging with stretch film
Carriage FRD: Film stretching with mechanical brake
FR: Film stretching with electro mechanical brake
FS: Variable mechanic pre-stretch with
electromagnetic brake
PDS: Double pre-stretch system
PVS: Independent dual-drive pre-stretch roller carriage
Batteries: Two 12V 110 Ah (C5) lead-acid
Machine rotation speed: 35 m/min – 80 m/min
Carriage upward/downward speed: 1 – 5 m/min.(with carriage spool full)
Number of pallets per battery charge: Over 250
Power supply voltage: 230 V +/- 10% (1 Ph)- 50/60 Hz
Installed power: 0,3 kW
Characteristics of the product to be wrapped
Minimum dimensions (LxW): 800 x 800 mm
Maximum useful height: 2200 mm
Minimum load weight: 250 kg
Film spool characteristics
Max. external diameter (D): 300 mm
Film spool height (h): 500 mm
Film thickness: 17-35 µm
Internal diameter (d): 76 mm
Max. weight: 20 kg

Available models

FR_ROBOT FR SPOOL CARRIAGEThe FR carriage is equipped with film stretching device achieved by an electromechanic brake adjustable from control panel. The brake clutch is timed to facilitate film hooking to the base of the pallet.
Carriage with mechanical brake on return roller, constant film elongations regardless spool diameter.
Quick brake on/off device to facilitate film hooking to the base of the pallet. The brake intervenes on the rubber roller to allow wrapping tension adjustment. The extra metal rollers are positioned as to ensure a greater film embrace around the braking roller.
Spool carriage with mechanical pre-stretch rollers with adjustable pre-stretch from 0% to 200% by electromagnetic clutch. The brake clutch is timed to facilitate film hooking to the base of the pallet.
CarrelloPDS PDS SPOOL CARRIAGECarriage with double pre-stretch system, enabled from the control panel.
The carriage has set 250% pre-stretch. When “Double Stretch” is enabled, the carriage can automatically switch to variable pre-stretch, activating the electromagnetic clutch on the first pre-stretch roller.
carrello_PVS_ROBOT-3 PVS SPOOL CARRIAGEIndependent dual-drive pre-stretch roller carriage with pre-stretch ratio adjustment from 0 – 300%. Film deposit force onto the load can be adjusted on the panel and controlled by patented electronic device.